Starfield: Xbox boss promises: Fewer bugs than ever at Bethesda

At least since Starfield Direct one thing is certain: the sci-fi epic will be a real monster – and of course that always offers a lot of room for bugs and annoying mistakes. According to a senior Xbox employee, that’s really nothing to worry about.

After the failure with Redfall, are you worried that Starfield could also become a buggy debacle at launch, especially because of the immense scope of the game? Then the Xbox team apparently wants to take this worry away from you in advance! Starfield will have “the fewest bugs of any game Bethesda has ever released,” promises Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios.

After the Starfield Direct via Giant Bomb voiced in conversation with Tamoor Hussain and Jeff Grub; Xbox boss Phil Spencer was also present there. Specifically, Booty said in full: “Working with Todd [Howard, Creative Director bei den Bethesda Game Studios] and to the team, I see the bug counts, and I’m just saying based purely on the numbers, if it shipped today, it would be the least buggy game Bethesda has ever released.”

A full-bodied promise, especially given the huge range of features in the sci-fi epic – and one that will hopefully be kept, after a number of PC titles had started with immense problems in the last few months, be it Redfall or The Last of Us: Part I. It might help that Starfield avoids the PlayStation – a platform on which the Bethesda RPGs have always struggled.

Phil Spencer added that the development team was definitely up to the task and had eventually brought Fallouts and Skyrim and Elder Scrolls to market successfully. But he also concedes: “The truth is also that the game had a significantly earlier ship date than when we bought it [von Bethesda] completed when it actually appears.”

In short: Microsoft apparently didn’t want to leave anything to chance and probably gave Bethesda significantly more time for quality assurance than usual.

Starfield will be released on September 6, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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