Starfield would suffer from huge development problems according to a leak

A preunto leak he revealed a secret that he does not have much of a secret Starfield: the development of exclusive waiting Xbox from Bethesda has encountered enormous problems – something that many will have sensed the instant the postponement of the title was revealed in the recent past, along with Redfallto 2023. The leaker in question has been identified as trustworthy by Timuran expert in researching resumes and information.

Starfield experienced a real “development hell”

As reported by Kings CastStarfield would be experiencing some “serious” issues arising from the game engine Creation Engine 2which in reality would have proved decidedly unstable and unreliable in many situations. Kings Cast reports serious problems during the flight, as well as internal disagreements resulting from obsolete development tools. This is a summary of his words:

“The flight didn’t work properly during testing, and the Creation Engine 2 is nothing more than a marketing slogan: it is simply the Creation Engine with some modified graphics modules and a couple of new features, but not a rebuild or a real engine overhaul. This will become evident as soon as the game is available and the modders will tear them apart. Todd Howard internally said ‘we make games, not development tools’, but the tools are out of date and the developers have boxes full of them. Making games with poor tools produces crappy games. Since the launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda Game Studios Austin hasn’t worked on any new games. They had most of the teams on that title and updates. Before the acquisition by Microsoft, Bethesda aimed to release games on all major platforms, but Xbox was pushing for exclusives. All the titles were therefore destined for both Xbox and PlayStation, and cutting the latter saved the developers a lot of headaches. “

It should obviously be reiterated that this report at the moment is only an indiscretion which, although targeted and full of details, could be inaccurate or the result of partial information. We remind you that at the moment Starfield has the first six months of 2023 as its release window.