Starfield would have had major problems in development, according to a leaker. Creation Engine 2? It would be “just marketing”!

According to a leaker, Starfield would have had major problems in development, entering the phase known as “Development HellAnd this could be the cause of the postponement. Clearly all this is to be taken with due pliersespecially for talked about titles like Starfield, but the leaker in question has already proved reliable and he would also contact a source he believed to be reliable.

The original source from which it all started is Resetera. In the famous forum, in fact, the user Hevy008 has exposed some problems related to the graphic engine chosen for the occasion: the Creation Engine 2. Hevy008 is a Bethesda developer verified by the admin of the forum themselves, and holds the role of Character Artist within the team.

The leaker has therefore asked for confirmation to this source, using the previous statement of the developer Bethesda as a basis on which to rely. The statements made by the leaker, however, are really heavy, bordering on credible. The Creation Engine 2 is in fact defined not only a bad tool, but even just a marketing move.


The graphics engine would only have been revised in a partial way, but it is not an engine completely redone from scratch. Apart from this, the source complained about one gameplay mechanic in particular: the game’s flight system. The latter would indeed be very problematic result, at least in the playtest phases.

“The flight system was in bad shape during the Playtest phases. The ‘Creation Engine 2’ is nothing more than a marketing slogan. It is always the Creation Engine. They tweaked some graphics modules and added a couple of new features, but it wasn’t rebuilt from scratch. This will be obvious as soon as you start the game. The modders will tear them apart “continues the leaker.

Todd explained: ‘We make games, not tools.’ But the tools are out of date, the developers can’t stand it anymore. Developing games with bad tools means producing bad games ”. In addition to these words, not at all flattering, the leaker went on to explain that The team hasn’t worked on any other games since the launch of Fallout 76.

Most of the team was in fact focused on that project and trying to revive it. In addition, Microsoft may have lightened the workload considerably, preventing the team from having to work on a PlayStation version as well. “Cutting the latter saved the developers a lot of headaches”explains the leaker.

As always, we reiterate that these sources are far from official. Maybe what the leaker reported is also true, but it could refer to a very preliminary version of the game. What is certain is that, if what the source in question said is true, the Creation Engine 2 problem could turn out to be bigger than expected.

Starfield is in development at Bethesda Softworks exclusively for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC, with a release date set for the first half of 2023.. Bethesda said it has been working on the title since 2015 and that the latter also had priority over highly anticipated titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5!

The title, says Bethesda, will be a mix of Skyrim and Star Wars, and will guarantee a decidedly vast world, and glimpses of this world we can already admire thanks to the wonderful artwork shown by the software house. This visual splendor, of course, must be accompanied by a high level sound sector. Bethesda explained the work in this regard in a dedicated video.

Like the game world, the variety offered by pure role playing will also be important. In fact, we will be able to impersonate any type of PC, even the “bad guys”. It will be present, with a good title Bethesda that respects itself, the possibility to choose between first and third personand in the game we will find several alien species.

In addition, there is also an easter egg in the trailer that he may have anticipated the map where The Elder Scrolls 6 will be set! In the meantime, the first artwork on the game has come out, showing us the beautiful cities of Neon, Akila and New Atlantis, and we will also be able to explore the Milky Way.

The title will also focus on a strong narrative component, employing as many as 300 actors and almost triple the dialogue we saw in The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim! Unfortunately, this ambitious narrative could be the main reason why Starfield will probably not present the dubbing in Italian.

Source: Twitter