Starfield & Cyberpunk 2077: Straight into the top 10 of the Steam charts after Summer Game Fest

Both Bethesda and CD Projekt RED banged their drums as part of the Summer Game Fest. It seems to have paid off, as the current Steam charts show.

Bethesda and CDPR have been making a bang for the past few days. After the Xbox Showcase, Starfield made its big appearance as part of the Starfield Direct. In this context, the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game was presented extensively and many players dropped their jaws because of the sheer scope of features. Albeit with the slight aftertaste that the game will only run at 30 fps on consoles – not incomprehensible if you look at everything that’s in the chunk.

CD Projekt RED, on the other hand, announced the release date for the upcoming expansion Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, published a new trailer and invited the gaming press to a hands-on (we were there in Warsaw). This garnered a lot of positive feedback from the studio, and players can actually look forward to further revisions to the main game along with the release of the expansion.

Both seem to have had an impact, with both Starfield and Phantom Liberty now having momentum on Steam’s top 10 best-selling titles by total revenue. Starfield celebrates the new entry in 4th place thanks to the pre-order start, Phantom Liberty secures 8th place – not bad at all for the few days. Apparently the current presentations were convincing.

Cyberpunk 2077 itself is apparently also benefiting from the new information and videos about the expansion, as the game climbed straight to number 2 in the charts – supported, however, by a current sale where the game is available for half the price. Seems like the overhauls and upcoming expansion are now attracting once-hesitating players looking to play through the main game before the expansion releases on September 26th.

Good for Bethesda and CD Projekt RED, now both games just have to live up to the high expectations. Fingers crossed.

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