Starfield, Bethesda confirms the absence of the protagonist’s voice and first-person dialogues

Those that were rumors that had spread on the net in recent days are now confirmed by the development team itself

Bethesda communicated through his profile Twitter official that Starfieldhis new game in development and which we remember showing himself during theXbox + Bethesda Showcase in a long gameplay trailer, it will have the first-person dialogues and that the protagonist has no voice. Certainly a very interesting novelty, which has already triggered several reactions on the net by fans of the software house who can’t wait to get their hands on their new project (which will be released in 2023).

The protagonist of Starfield has no voice and the dialogues will be in first person

Definitely, all lovers of games created by Bethesda they will know that not giving a voice to the protagonist of the game is not such a big news, in fact the software house is not new to this practice in its games. Furthermore, we would like to clarify how, even if the dialogues will be in first person, this does not mean that the game will be too and therefore it will not be possible to use Starfield taking advantage of the third person.

Starfield it is certainly the most ambitious project of Bethesda with 1000 planets which can be visited, according to what the developers said. The world will be vast and, we hope, full of missions and things to do well diversified from each other, so as not to make the experience monotonous.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Starfield was shown again as the final game of theXbox + Bethesda Showcase held on June 12th and, while there are still several things to fix as far as the technical side is concerned, it still made a good impression as regards the settings and the rest. Of course, the doubt that remains is linked to the fact that it is a very ambitious project and, after the recent revelations and trailers, we understand why Bethesda has decided to postpone it.

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