Starfield, a fan created a demo in Unreal Engine 5

Starfield on display in a new fan-made demo

While Starfield has been postponed until 2023a brand new trailer will be presented at the upcoming showcase of Xbox next month, but until then, you can enjoy an unofficial trailer of the game created in Unreal Engine 5.

Many players were shocked earlier this month when Bethesda revealed that he had to postpone both Starfield that RedFall until the 2023. While this postponement means we will have a much more refined game with less cut content, it has already cleared the line-up of Microsoft of great games AAA first-party for the 2022. That said, it is expected this year Microsoft will fill the gap with some great additions of Xbox Game Passwhich makes the upcoming June showcase quite exciting for fans.

In addition to the news of the Game Passalso Starfield will be an important part of this showcase, given that Bethesda she is determined to reveal more about the game and its brand new universe. But if you need even more excitement for the Xboxyou can take a look at this fan-made trailer from Starfield created in Unreal Engine 5:

The Starfield demo made by a fan is amazing

Enfant Terriblethe content creator who recently shared a retelling of Cyberpunk 2077 in Unreal Engine 5has now created a demo based on Starfield in the magical engine of Epic. The demo is inspired by the title’s official teaser trailer and its conceptual arts, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Enfant Terrible continued this demo by also sharing some gameplay footage, showing an astronaut walking on a parched planet. Now, the game itself might not look that good for two reasons: first, it’s just a scaled-down demo with almost no playable content, and second, it’s based on theUnreal Engine 5 while the “real” game was built on Creation Engine 2 from Bethesda. That said, it’s still amazing to watch this trailer, because it’s really in line with what we’ve officially seen of the title so far.

Starfield should be launched in the first half of 2023 up Xbox Series X | S And PC.