Stardew Valley: Dev Dodges Question to Avoid Dividing Community

Stardew Valley

Developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is always available to help and advise Stardew Valley players. However, Barone did not want to answer a particularly controversial question.

Even if Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is probably very busy with his new project “Haunted Chocolatier” at the moment, the developer is always a reliable starting point for the players of “Stardew Valley”. The farming game released in 2016 still enjoys immense popularity and a very active community.

Barone is also always happy to answer questions and help with problems via Twitter. Once the developer identified a bug a player had reported via Twitter in under two hours and immediately released a hotfix for “Stardew Valley”. However, the dev did not want to answer a very specific question about the characters of the farm hit.

Stardew Valley

Developers don’t want to pick a favorite

A player asked the developer via Twitter which Stardew Valley character is Barone’s favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette and which is his favorite non-romantic NPC. “ConcernedApe” chose to remain neutral and declined to answer the question. “If I were to pick a favorite, it could cause a rift in the Stardew Valley community,” was his terse reply. Many Stardew Valley players have a keen interest in the characters and backstory of the game. There are ongoing discussions about the history and development of the residents of Pelican Town. In the relatively peaceful Stardew Valley community, the consensus has been that all of the characters in the title have their pros and cons. On the Stardew Valley subreddit, some players think that Eric Barone probably already has a favorite character, but would never reveal it. Other users believe that for Barone this should be like having to choose a favorite child.