Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II announced for Switch

Between the many announcements of the Star Wars Celebration there was also room for a classic from the past. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II in fact it is preparing to make its appearance also on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that shows some sequences of the famous role-playing game set in the galaxy far, far away (watch out for spoilers!), And which reveals the release date: the next June 8.

The video also anticipates that shortly after the launch it will also be made available through DLC (the free of which was confirmed by one of the developers) the content cut from the original version. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II fans will surely remember how, due to time constraints, Obsidian was forced to remove numerous contents and in particular a narrative line related to the HK-47 killer droid. Thankfully, Aspyr appears to be hard at work restoring them. Recall that the latter study is also working on a remake of the first Kotor.

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