STALKER 2 resumes its development

STALKER 2 is certainly one of the most anticipated games. After a postponement communicated last January and a stop due to the war that is underway in Ukraine, the development team has announced that work has resumed completing the project.

The team GSC Game World, in fact, has its operational headquarters near Kiev and has therefore been forced to pause the entire development phase due to the war that has been afflicting Ukraine in recent months. The developers have in fact communicated that they have suspended the development of the game to ensure safety for the whole team during the most critical phases of the war.

STALKER 2 is ready to go again and new information has been revealed

With an official communication on their channel Discord, the developers have announced the resumption of development operations for their latest upcoming game. The developers have in fact answered the question of how the work was progressing with a simple “continues” implying that the development of STALKER 2 is finally resumed. Furthermore, in support of this thesis, there is precisely the reactivation of the channel Discord of the developers who until now had ceased its activities.

To date, it is not yet known whether the release date will be respected since for some time the team has not been able to work on the project and carry it out, so a further postponement is more than plausible. Probably, some information will be communicated to us during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase to be held next June 12th.

Finally, the developers have provided some new information regarding the game by hinting that they want to propose STALKER 2 with different difficulty levels, in such a way as to make it usable by different types of players. Below you can read the words of the development team about it:

“We will prepare enough difficulty settings so that players can find their own right level of challenge. There will also be something for the truly hardcore experts ”.