Stalker 2, new game trailer and unreleased video diary dedicated to the horror of war

GSC Game World’s new video diary described the horror of war.

GSC Game World took part in the new Xbox + Bethesda Game Showcase Extended to show two new videos of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobylthe first dedicated entirely to the introductory sequence of the game, and the second much more personal and dedicated to the terrible invasion of Russia to the detriment ofUkraine. It was also officially confirmed the postponement of the game to 2023on console Xbox And PC.

Stalker 2 received a new trailer GSC Game World described the horror of war with a new video diary

And starting from the introductory sequence of the game, it was possible to notice the protagonist of the game intent on sleeping on an open transport vehicle, only to wake up suddenly due to the violent and decisive overturning of the vehicle in question. And right from this moment the adventure will start!

Instead moving on to the other video, this one is dedicated entirely to the terrible situation that the employees of GSC Game World for a few months now, therefore forced to live events to the limits of endurance.

And precisely in this sense, examples have been provided about the development of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobylwhich was literally stopped for three months, with the developers forced to work on the game from home, in the company of loved ones and their pets, all with the fear of losing their life at any moment due to of a bombing by the Russian army.

Also thanks to this new video we were able to find out how some members of GSC Game World have stopped developing the title to enlist in the Ukrainian army, so as to protect their country and the freedom of all Ukrainians.

Below you will find the video dedicated to the development of Stalker 2 with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, with all the problems that this entails:

Instead below you can find the initial sequence of the game: