Square Enix, there is currently no game coming to Xbox in 2023 and fans are rioting

The 2023 line up of the Japanese publisher is currently devoid of releases for Xbox consoles.

During this month of December 2022 the owners of a console Xboxes they were able to enjoy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion Of Square Enixremake of the chapter that arrived on PSP quite a few years ago, so as to experience first-hand the story of Zack Fair which acts as a prequel to the events told in Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix’s 2023 lineup currently lacks any Xbox console releases

But following the information that emerged from a document sent directly by Microsoft to the antitrust body of United Kingdomwhere it was possible to find out that Final Fantasy VII Remake it will never come to consoles Xboxes due to a deal made by sony and Square Enix to make the game an exclusive PlayStation console, the discontent of a specific slice of users of the Redmond giant’s consoles slowly mounted.

This is because taking a look at the actual game lineup for the 2023 of the Japanese publisher to whom we owe the series of the Final Fantasycurrently next year there is not a single title that will also be available for purchase on consoles Xboxes.

In fact, analyzing the games coming out in the 2023 from Square Enix we find Forspoken which is a console exclusive PS5while Octopath Traveler 2 then which seems not to come out on Microsoft’s consoles despite the original chapter being playable on Xbox Game Pass at the time of writing this article.

Also moving on to the various chapters of Final Fantasythese are arriving exclusively on PlayStation, PC and / or Nintendo Switch, thus practically leaving out the gaming console ecosystem of the American giant.

Obviously it is good to specify that the possibility that Square Enix announcements of some upcoming games in the course of the 2023 on consoles Xboxesbut for now the dissent and displeasure of a part of the community Xboxes it is actually shareable.