Spyro, new chapter coming?

Toys for Bob posted a picture on Twitter in which he announces that the 2023 it will be a particularly eventful year, and fans have not missed the little one spyro placed in the upper left. The saga blows out the twenty-five candles this year.

Toys for Bob in 2018 he took care of the development of Spyro Reignite Trilogy, much loved by both players and critics. This remake first brought the series to spyro on platforms not Playstation, console of which it has been an exclusive for years. Last year Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which it owns Toys for Bob and therefore also the ferry franchise. This could mean that you play as Crashes And spyrofor a long time exclusive to users Playstationmay not even be released on Sony consoles anymore, if the deal goes through.

Returning to tweetsfans interpreted the appearance of spyro in the image as an announcement of a new chapter coming for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series. Obviously at the moment nothing is certain yet, and these are just rumors that spread easily among the fans who have been hoping for the arrival of a new chapter starring the cute little dragon for years. You have to keep your eyes open and wait to see if something is boiling.

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