Spring Steam sale continues | Sector.sk

Spring the sale is on steam a number of games are in full swing and at a discount, as well as Steamdeck, which celebrates its first birthday got a 10% discount. This applies to all versions. Moreover, they already have enough of it in stock and the delivery takes only 1-2 weeks.

As for the discounts themselves, they have already emerged as the most interesting, and the ranking of the best sellers looks as follows:

  1. Call of Duty MW2 is 35% off for 45 euros
  2. Forza Horizon 5which is 40% off for 35 euros
  3. An axe is 50% off for 30 euros
  4. Cyberpunk it is for half for 30 euros
  5. RDR 2 it went down by 67% and is for 20 euros
  6. FIFA 24 it’s half price, 34 euros
  7. Rust is for 26 euros
  8. Stellaris for 10 euros
  9. Naraka is for 10 euros
  10. Total War Warhammer III for 40 euros
  11. Nier Automata for 20 euros
  12. GTA V is for 14 euros
  13. Civilization VI for 6 euros
  14. Sea of ​​Thieves for 20 euros
  15. P5 for 38 euros
  16. Year 1800 for 15 euros

In the news, check out the farming simulation Sun Haven, or Dead Space remake, which went down by 15% to 50 euros. From other things, for example Ixion is now for 27 euros, Sniper Elite 5 for 25 euros, Uncharted for 34 euros, Valheim for 14 euros.

Plus if you haven’t played Quantum Break yet and want to see Lanca Reddick in it, the game is now for 7 euros.