Spider-Man the Animated Series, Peter Parker T-Shirt for sale

It will be for the original superpowers, it will be for the rather common characteristics of the character, Spider-Man he has always been one of the most popular heroes in the universe Marvel. Disney he is certainly more than aware of it and it is precisely in recent days that we see new articles appearing dedicated toSpiderman on the online store of the multinational.

First of all stands out a white polo shirt with stripes of different shades between blue and blue which takes inspiration directly from the clothing of Peter Parker in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series; definitely a must have for all the most nostalgic Spider-Man fans. It can be found at the price of $49.99 on the store. Next we have a customizable children’s t-shirt, priced at $19.99again depicting the Spider-Man from the animated series of the 90s but this time with the costume.
The last piece announced is a wool hat depicting a clash between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, all with the logo of the animated series printed in the center. The latter product is priced at $59.99 on the Disney store. What can I say, the Black Friday week has unfortunately ended but Christmas is almost upon us; if you have relatives and friends who are passionate about the Marvel superhero and vintage animation, this is undoubtedly an opportunity not to be missed.