Spellforce III Reforced for less than 6 euros (Steam)

SpellForce III Reforced for many it needs no introduction, but if you don’t know it, here is an overview of what you can get at a very discounted price, on the famous sales site for digital video game codes Instant Gaming.

SpellForce III Reforced is the enhanced and updated version of the game originally released in 2017 on PC and very popular among users, who managed to carve out a space between the titles they mix role play and real-time strategy. In fact, it is not surprising that a new update for the title, which adds to the enormous amount of content already present, even the The Journey Modea mode that will give the player the opportunity to embark on a new adventure lasting about 20 hours, with a hero created from scratch.

Main features for SpellForce III Reforced

  • Innovative gameplay: mechanics capable of mixing RTS and RPG;
  • Create and customize: create your hero and choose from different skill sets;
  • Build and fight: strengthen your army and face immense battles
  • History addictive: immerse yourself in the world of SpellForce III Reforced, full of secrets that brought Nortander to the current situation. He explores Eo, a living world where you can meet inspiring characters and heartbreaking events.
  • Assemble your party by choosing from very different companions, who will not only complement your skills in an interesting way, but also influence the storytelling. Manage their skills and equipment to ensure victory on the battlefield.
  • Choices and consequences: Strengthen and command a faction of your choice among Elves, Orcs and Humans. Prepare your troops and fight the toughest battles. Play strategically, using terrain, military formations, visibility, exploration and more to your advantage.
  • Experience an Epic Tale: Take on a fully voiced campaign over 30 hours alone or with friends in collaborative mode. Defeat opponents of all levels in online battles.
  • Multiplayer: strong component with different modalities. Face off against other players in PvP and Domination modes or play together as a single faction or each in a different faction.