Speed ​​3 in progress, Keanu Reeves is also back

Some time ago Keanu Reeves is back in the role of Neothe chosen one who after the first three films of Matrix told her new story in Matrix Resurrections. The actor, however, seems more than willing to continue with the brands that led him to success, as a reliable source of Giant Freakin Robot has stated that Reeves will also reprise the role of Jack Traven in Speed ​​3.

Speed came out in 1994 and the idea of ​​Keanu Reeves as an action actor: even though he had already appeared in Point Break with Patrick Swayze, only the film with Sandra Bullock will manage to make the actor a perfect face for action films. The actor then left the series by not participating in Speed ​​2 (1997), replaced by another character played by Jason Patric: the film will collect half of what it took with the first, decreeing the end of the “saga”. But now, with an increasingly voracious world of remakes and sequels, reprising the character of Jack for Keanu Reeves could prove to be a success.

It is not the first time that Reeves shows interest in its historical characters: we have seen how John Wick you keep coming out with the new fourth installment coming up, and with Bill & Ted Face the Music has also shown that you know how to take them back for good. The actor has also shown interest in reprising the character of John Constantine from the film of the same name that sees Reeves as the protagonist.

It is unknown if Sandra Bullock will return in Speed ​​3: we recall that the actress – who starred in Speed ​​2 – also suffered the failure of Miss FBI 2, making her completely allergic to the sequels. It must be said that such an operation could prove successful already on paper, which is why Bullock could review her relationship with the sequels, returning to Keanu Reeves’ side to stop who knows which vehicle this time.

Giant Freakin Robot