Sony, Yoshida says it’s not just his credit for the arrival of indie games on PS4 and PS5

The Head of PlayStation Indies explains the situation

It is now a good idea to associate the face of Shuhei Yoshida to that of the independent market when it comes to PlayStation but, according to the latest statements of theHead of PlayStation Indiesthe initiative was not born thanks to him, but it was an idea of ​​the president of Sony Jim Ryan who has decided to push on this sector of the video game world.

Sony’s Yoshida explains the truth about indie games

During a recent chat with colleagues from Games, Yoshida revealed some background concerning Sony for what concerns the independent video game market, pushing more and more on this slice of the market and giving the possibility to many small teams to publish their works exclusively on PlayStation.

However, according to what was reported by the same Yoshidathe initiative was not his, but of the same Jim Ryan who expressed the desire to give more space to indie titles and created a special team that aims to devote themselves entirely to this initiative. Obviously Yoshida he was part of the group and over time he managed to make his way through his colleagues and the reins of this thing seem to be in hand. In short, we must thank the CEO of Sony if today PlayStation is not focused only on large productions but also has an eye for independent ones.