Sony with Bungie aims to make PlayStation more cross-platform

Sony ha, according to the CEO’s words Kenichiro Yoshidaduring a company briefing, a clear goal with the ongoing acquisition of Bungie as part of the PlayStation Studiosan extremely important step for the company which, if done properly, in the future will change (in a more or less marked way) the perception that we have today of the brand PlayStation.

This important step for Sony and Bungie has already been declared indirectly, namely to make PlayStation more cross-platform:

It is no mystery that Bungie will maintain its independence and, unlike any other software house in the company, will continue to produce games designed as cross-platform, and therefore destined to be released on multiple consoles – just think how strange it would do, for a console owner Xboxstart a game and see the logo appear PlayStation. I admit that it would be strange to me, but also very pleased.

Yoshida he also talked about the plans of Sony relative to the market PCspecifying that the company e PlayStation they want to give access to their games to as many users as possible. A desire already highlighted by the launch in the recent past of several historically exclusive titles also on Windows PCsuch as Horizon Zero Dawnor God of War, to name just a couple. Hence the presence PlayStation is destined, in the near future, to become even stronger even on digital stores such as Steam and company.

The next title to follow this process will be the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collectioncoming up Windows PC in the near future, and of course Sony he fervently hopes it will do just as well. All of this shows us that the company is not only aiming to expand on PC but, to some extent, also on other platforms, on all Xboxconsole on which the titles Bungie they have always done so much good. Although at the moment limited to the aforementioned study only, it is not certain that if the strategy bears fruit, the company may in the future extend the multi-platform nature to other titles and studies external to Bungie – I’m not saying it will, but now this is more of a possibility than it was in the past.

What do you think about it? You are conservative who would like Sony keep its exclusives for a question of belonging or other reasons, or like me do you appreciate seeing these once so distinct ecosystems (almost hostile in some respects) that shyly begin to merge with each other? Tell us in the space below dedicated to comments.