Sony unveils PS5 Project Q streaming handheld & ear buds

What has been rumored around for a few weeks is what Sony presented today as a PlayStation streaming handheld, which is currently still called Project Q and probably only works with the PS5.

The Project Q handheld is primarily based on the current PlayStation design and the DualSense controller, which holds a screen in the middle. However, Sony would like to announce more precise specifications and details at a later date. Here, however, a strong internet and mobile phone connection is probably required.

You also reveal in advance that you want to change the way you play again.

PS5 Q Lite

PlayStation Ear Buds

Also presented at the PlayStation Showcase were the Ear Buds, which can be used appropriately for the Q-Lite, but presumably also on the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s many years of expertise, which has always developed very good headphones and ear buds, should be incorporated here. However, more precise details about the hardware are also not available at the moment and must be awaited.

PS5 Ear Buds
PS5 Ear Buds
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