Sony shows PlayStation sales figures on PC

A market on which to predict great future growth

Sony has recently shared a long document relating to its activities which also speaks of PlayStation and of the market that its titles have been able to generate up to now in the panorama Windows PCone of the most recent new frontiers of branded gaming Sony. A frontier that has given good results and that the company aims to expand strongly in the near future, even speaking of exponential growth to be maintained and continued beyond the fiscal year 2021/2022, now closed for a couple of months.

PlayStation and PC? Let’s take a look at these very promising numbers:

Let’s see the numbers of this promising market by examining the titles launched in chronological order and the numbers they have been able to grind to date. So let’s start with Horizon Zero Dawnlaunched on Windows PC on 7 August 2020, which to date has placed 2.398 million copies and a turnover of approximately 60 million dollars.

Then touch a Days Goneperhaps the weakest title launched on Windows PC (as well as on PlayStation), but which has nevertheless sold 852,000 copies since May 18, 2021 for revenues of approximately $ 22.7 million. Finally there is God of Warlaunched on January 14, 2022 last and already reached 971,000 copies placed and $ 26.2 million in revenues.

The revenues of this slice of the market, over the years, have shown a very strong growth year on year. In 2020 there was talk of total revenues of 35 million dollars, which in 2021 became 80 million and finally in this 2022 they have already reached 300 million dollars. Truly impressive growth and unsurprisingly Sony now want to push PlayStation to focus strongly on this market as well, and in fact the company has significantly increased the investments dedicated to the platform PC. Growth appears evident in a graph showing the expansion of the various platforms over the years, and it appears evident how the growth projections PC are the most impressive.

Not only PC: Sony also predicts significant future growth of the mobile market, and these two markets are estimated to be nearly as important as the market by 2025 PlayStation 5 for the Japanese company, as evident by looking at the following graph, which you can find further down by continuing to read the article. What do you think? You like the idea that Sony aim to diversify the market PlayStation, or would you rather see it concentrated on a single platform? Tell us in the space dedicated to comments.