Sony has quietly closed the PS Now loophole to prevent players from getting a cheap PS Plus Premium. Some stocked up for 10 years

PlayStation Now

Amid the upgrade of the PlayStation Plus subscription service, enterprising gamers used the loophole to prepare for the change. Sony has unveiled an updated PlayStation Plus service that is merging with PS Now. 

The changes have not yet entered into force, they began to prepare for them not only in the company but also in the PlayStation community.

Entrepreneurial gamers have begun subscribing to PS Now ($60/year), as subscribers will get an upgrade to the highest PlayStation Plus tier at no additional cost (as they ask for $120/year). This way they save half the cost of a new subscription.

Some have accumulated up to ten years of subscriptions to prepare for the future of the PlayStation Plus service. Sony has quietly closed the loophole by disabling the ability to buy an annual PS Now subscription. At the same time, you can still subscribe for 1 month.