Sony ‘extra charges? A technical error. We fixed it’

There would have been a technical problem underlying the requested charges to the detriment of gamers who, before the entry into force of the new PlayStation Plus, had purchased monthly payments at discounted prices.

Sony, in anticipation of possible abuse of the opportunity, had taken steps to prevent gamers from accumulating an exaggerated number of months of subscription. In fact, when switching to the new PlayStation Plus, those who had already been subscribers would have continued to use the service until the subscription expires and only from the next renewal would they have to pay the updated amount.

At the time of the debut in Asia, however, users had pointed out that, unlike what was stated, Sony would have asked them to pay the difference between the amount already paid (at a discounted price) and the full amount foreseen for the monthly payments of Plus that they wanted to take advantage of.. After several complaints, Sony has granted a statement on twitter with which it explains that it was an error due to a technical problem. “We fixed it” they exclaim on twitter.


The problem, the Asian users had reported, specifically concerned the transition from the old PlayStation Plus to one of the new subscription plans other than PlayStation Plus Essentials. Switching to the Extra or Premium plan, users say, would have entailed an additional charge beyond that due to the tier change, despite Sony’s initial promises.

Everything solved? To be seen. Despite the statement, Sony has not yet explained if, and how, a refund will be made for users affected by this glitch. We remind you that the new service will debut in Europe from 22 June. In theory, even now, there is no possibility of purchasing additional monthly payments at a discounted price. Once our current subscription has expired, if we want to continue we will have to adjust to the prices of the new tiers. We have prepared a small guide that explains the basic steps of conversion.

What do you think? What was the technical problem? In this article we have summarized the highlights of the new offer.

Source: twitter