Sony confirms the TV series of Horizon, God of War and Gran Turismo

During the last meeting with investors, Sony confirmed that it is working on TV series dedicated to some of its most famous videogame franchises: among these Horizon, God of War and Gran Turismo were explicitly mentioned.
The news was reported on the forum of ResetEra. Here we read that the series will be available on different streaming platforms: in fact that of Horizon will arrive on Netflixwhile the God of War TV series will be produced by Amazon (as already rumored a few months ago). As for the Gran Turismoon the other hand, there is still no precise information about the network that will take care of its production and distribution.
It therefore appears clear that Sony intends to focus heavily on cross-media projects dedicated to its video games. These three new series are in fact added to that of The Last of Us which debuts next year on HBO, and at series taken from Twisted Metal produced by the writers of the Deadpool films.

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