Sony confirms the series of Horizon, God of War and Gran Turismo, between Netflix and Amazon

Sony made it known during a briefing that TV series dedicated to many IP first parties will soon arrive: God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismowhich will be scattered between Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Jim Ryan, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that these projects are in the works during a Q&A session. Here unveiled that the series on God of War will arrive on Amazon Prime, while Horizon Zero Dawn will be on Netflixthe only question mark remains Gran Turismo.

Sony has always said that it wants to expand its main franchises “beyond gaming”, also referring to the Uncharted movie and the HBO series of The Last of Us, which are the two most recent projects, one already released in various cinemas, while as regards the adventures of Ellie and Joel you will have to wait a little longer. We only know the exit period, but it is not given to us know the exact release date of the project dedicated to the game Naughty Dog.

Despite this really important update that raises the hype bar, you will have to wait a long time before seeing these new projects on the small screen. According to some speculation, it seems that these TV series will only arrive between 2025 and 2026, but it has not been confirmed by Sony.

As for the gaming side, at the moment we are all waiting for the new God of War Ragnarok, made by Santa Monica. Which seems to be the direct sequel to the adventures of the first chapter. While the new Horizon and Gran Turismo are already out between February and March of this year.

You just have to wait for further details from Sony, which seems to be really intent on push its most important IPs outside of “simple” gaming. The question that remains is whether it will be the right move.