Sonic Frontiers will not be postponed, says SEGA

Sonic Frontiers has recently its gameplay revealedbut the reception from fans of the series was not exactly enthusiastic, and there was no lack of those who suggested that maybe SAW he would have done better to postpone the game, currently scheduled for the last months of 2022. As we can read about VGChe thought about answering these observations Takashi Iizuka, head of the Sonic Team. The latter has made it clear that at the moment the development study is not considering the possibility of moving the release date. “We are confident in the results we are getting from the playtests. A lot of people told us that they enjoyed it, that they really enjoyed the game, “ stated Iizuka, adding that “We are getting to a point where the game is almost ready, and people are going to like it, and we want to get it into their hands as soon as possible.”

As for the criticisms, Takashi Iizuka said he was convinced that the problem is mainly due to differences between Sonic Frontiers and previous games in the series. “It is not surprising. We realize they’re all reacting to the videos they’ve seen, and since they don’t understand this new gameplay, they’re comparing it to other games they know. “. The head of Sonic Team then said he was hopeful of being able to better convey how the game’s open zone structure works. In particular, it appears that Sonic Frontiers will be able to be experienced first hand at both Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show.

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