Sonic 06 again on sale on Xbox Live

The story of the blue hedgehog of SAW features many fan-favorite titles, as well as some misstep. Among these, surely the most embarrassing tumble is the Sonic the Hedgehog released in the months between 2006 and 2007 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Commonly known as Sonic 06the game in question was characterized by numerous bugs and generally a production quality definitely not at the level of what the fans of the mascot expected from what should have been the beginning of a new era.

The game was so reviled that in 2010 SEGA even made the decision to suspend its sale; at least, until recently. Recently, Sonic 06 is indeed reappeared on the Xbox Live store, for the price of € 4.79. We are not sure the experience is worth the price of the ticket, but on the other hand it is still a piece of videogame history.

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