Solar Crown, the new title in the series postponed to 2023. It will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One

The latest chapter of the historic Test Drive saga, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, has been officially postponed to 2023 with a release from the studio. Furthermore, NACON said it was forced to abandon development for old-gen platforms!

The umpteenth postponement of this year touches this time the very last chapter of the Test Drive saga, with the news of Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown officially postponed to 2023. The announcement comes directly from the studio, which updates its users on the status of the work and the difficult decision regarding the new launch date.

The main reason for this postponement is the desire on the part of the study to preserve the DNA of the Test saga Drive Unlimited, which has always been linked to a realistic open world driving experience, a large number of drivable cars, and a “lifestyle” component that allows the player to identify with his own character. To indulge this type of experience, NACON is ready to transform the 550km of roads on the island of Honk Kong into the perfect playground!


However, the first details regarding the plot arrive, linked to the panorama of the rich and powerful VIPs of the city who use cars as an “extension of their personality and influence”. Reason for clash, however, will be the clans, each one ready to conquer the island and to impose one’s own style on it; Players will be able to decide which faction to belong to, relying on the extravagant infrastructure used as headquarters, and as a meeting point for the various drivers.

NACON also informs players that in the future there will be a closed beta dedicated to gathering important feedback on the game. Keep your eyes open, therefore, for a possible possibility of being able to access it. Finally, the abandonment of development for Sony and Microsoft’s old-gen consoles is confirmed. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, will only make its debut on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X!

For now, therefore, we can only wait for future releases from the studio, trusting in the arrival of an official launch date!

Source: Steam