Sly Cooper on PlayStation 5: announcement soon?

Sly Cooper it is without a doubt one of the sagas that made the beloved PlayStation 2 famous. The adventure / platform, with its characters over the top and with the plot full of funny moments and with twistsremained in the hearts of the many fans who have always dreamed of a new course for the series.

THE rumor about a new chapter of Sly Cooper have been around for some time now, although nothing official has yet been announced. For a few hours, in fact, a new indiscretion is circulating which is inflaming social networks and forums. Let’s find out together!

Sly Cooper and the return to PlayStation 5: is something cooking in the pot?

According to the well-known leaker Nick Baker at Sony almost everything would be ready for a reveal very short of a Sly Cooper themed project which should act as a reboot for the saga.

Sly Cooper

According to this character the announcement will take place in the next months of this 2022, through a dedicated State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase. Basically Baker said that in June the announcement will not happen but that, in all probability, we will be able to savor it by this September:

“Based on the information I have, I wouldn’t expect it a reveal of Sly Cooper in June. The announcement should be anyway in 2022, just not in June. Maybe in an event in September or something like that. “

Waiting to understand what’s true and what’s not, however, it should be noted that nothing official has yet been communicated by Sony and that therefore everything that has been reported is to be considered pure indiscretion.

PlayStation 5

In short, we can’t wait to return to the comic atmospheres of the Sly Cooper series which, let us remember, was created by sucker Punch in the now distant 2002.