Skull and Bones postponed again, it’s the sixth time. Three unannounced games have also been cancelled

It should have arrived in the next few weeks. Indeed, it was actually expected in November. Indeed not: Skull and Bones has been ‘close to release’ for a long time but Ubisoft has decided to take some more time before releasing it. We will therefore not see it on March 9 but in a generic “first part of 2023/2024”. The information contained in a substantial press release reported by IGN would be inaccurate. The question as posed by Ubisoft would suggest that this is the first part of the fiscal year. This would mean that the new exit window for Skull and Bones could fall somewhere between April and December 2023.

According to the information reported on the portal, Ubisoft did not just move forward the release date of Skull and Bones. A reorganization of resources would also be underway. To push in this direction the non-exhilarating performances by Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and, above all, by Just Dance 2023.

The most immediate translation is that, to avoid incurring potentially unprofitable investments, Ubisoft has pulled the plug on three games in development but not yet announced. Safe Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.


With a view to reducing costs, other cuts were applied to the “research and development” item of premium and free-to-play games. The various teams will have to recount the resources by subtracting 500 million euros.

Compared to Skull and Bones, now we will have to wait for more precise news on the final release date. In the hope, of course, that it won’t be moved yet.

Source: ign