Simon the Sorcerer Origins, prequel to point and click historians, has been revealed

It seems to be a good time for the revival of series from the glorious past, especially when it comes to graphic adventures. After a new Monkey Island directed by Ron Gilberthere also check Simon the Sorcerer Origins: a prequel to Adventure Soft’s point and click histories released in the early 1990s.

Developed by the Italians of Smallthing Studios, Simon the Sorcerer Origins will allow us to discover what happened in the weeks preceding the events of the first, unforgettable chapter born in 1993. This is the official synopsis: “Simon is a rebellious teenager… particularly rebellious (perhaps TOO REBEL for this miserable world)! After being (UNJUSTLY) expelled from school, his parents find themselves having to move. A new life, a new house, a new bedroom and here it is … a series of daring events that combine distant places in time and space (what is called a forced development of the plot) projects Simon ‘once again’, for the first time, in a world of magic inhabited by powerful (but practically useless) sorcerers and absurd creatures. Thus begins a fantastic (and probably lethal) adventure, between troubles and puzzles to solve, an ancient prophecy to fulfill, dangerous alchemical devices to decipher as well as powerful spells (and inedible stews), with an intense and exciting story based on magic and come home!

Simon the Sorcerer Origins will boast a 2D graphic section finished in every detail that will allow you to experience an adventure that passes seamlessly from gameplay to movies and vice versa. They will be present numerous enigmas seasoned by the inevitable comic interludeslooking for and combining clues, objects and various absurdities to become a master magician.
Before getting your hands on the game, however, we will have to wait quite a few months: The release of Simon the Sorcerer Origins is in fact set for March 28, 2023. The game will be available on PC via SteamPS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.