Silent Hill 2 Remake and more, does the report anticipate the three projects in development?

Voices that chase and intersect each other continue to sail at full speed, and all have a common denominator called Silent Hill. In fact, new rumors are emerging that concern not only Silent Hill 2 Remake but also other projects, so they would be three in all.

According to Nibel’s Twitter account (@Nibellion), several products related to the franchise are in production Which:

  • Silent Hill 2 Remake – Bloober Team
  • a small title based on the story of Silent Hill developed by Annapurna Interactive (a series of episodes)
  • a new chapter in the main Silent Hill saga

As already announced once by the influencer NateTheHate (here you can find our article) and later by the journalist Jeff Grubb, one of the many projects revolving around Silent Hill could be a remake of the much appreciated second chapter.

Some rumors, also captured by Video Game Chronicles, claim that the remake may have a reworked AI, new animations, new puzzles, and different endings. It is also confirmed, as we have already announced in a previous article, that it is plausible that it could be an exclusive PlayStation thunderstorm.

The software house behind The Medium, Bloober Teamhas been repeatedly referred to as Silent Hill over the past 18 months.

Last year, in fact, the developer himself had announced a “strategic cooperation” agreement with Konami, months after the CEO of the same Bloober Team had claimed to be working on an existing horror IP of a very famous game publisher.

Also joining the list is Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, who worked on The Medium, who announced that his next project was a video game “you were hoping to hear about”.

As reported at the beginning of the article, however, it would seem that Konami has asked more developers in order to revive, in the form of more projects, the IP of Silent Hill. One such project would include a series of episodic short stories, rumored to have involved Supermassive Games in the past.

However, the project, in the development phase, taking a “life of its own” has evolved into the Dark Picture Anthology series. But Konami did not give up and a new name began to resonate in the corridors, that of Annapurna Interactive, developer behind Outer Wilds and Telling Lies, which could take care of the episodic stories based on the Silent Hill saga.

However, it should be remembered what was stated above, Konami would have contacted more software houses to talk about the projects behind the acclaimed survival horror, it is therefore likely that Annapurna Interactive participated in one of these meetings without having seen one get in their hands. of the many projects in the saga.

VGC claims that rumors have also told him of the existence of a project on a new chapter in the Silent Hill sagaand although it is not yet clear which software house is driving the development, VGC reported that in all probability it could be a Japanese development house.

The images leaked last week should be about a PT-style teaser game, codenamed “Sakura”which should be released free of charge as an anticipation and presentation of the largest projects arriving.

There is no doubt, as also echoed by the usual rumors, as Konami is trying to dust off its old glories such as Metal Gear or Castlevania, and is interested in producing remakes or new chapters.

Last year Konami itself hinted that it had a number of key projects in the pipelinewhich in any case had run into some timing problems that had forced it to withdraw from E3 2021, it cannot be excluded, however, that this year may not be the right time for new announcements.

We can only invite you to stay on our pages waiting for further developments, which we are confident to announce as soon as possible, or at least as soon as the knots begin to come to a head.