Sifu, the Nintendo Switch Review

It wasthe action video game developed by Sloclap and released at the beginning of the year, was one of the great revelations of this 2022, to the point of earning important nominations for the The Game Awardssuch as that of “Best Indies”, ”Best Action Game” And “Best Fighting Game”.

This month It waswhich is already available on PC and old and new generation consoles, also lands on Nintendo Switch. Now, we all love ours Switchesbut it’s just not the right platform to play fast-paced action game like It wasor at least not the right one to enjoy the Action experience to the fullest.

In short, we will be able to see this It was for Switch like a betbut how is it aDid this bet go?

A necessary premise: you will not find yet another review of the video game, but only the one dedicated to technical peculiarities of the version Nintendo Switch.

What is Sifu?

As said before, you are warmly invited to read our review Erika to get to know the product betterbut in case this should be the first time you read something about the video game, it is appropriate explain what Sifu is.

Stifu is an action game divided into 5 levels plus a tutorial. In each section there are none checkpoint or save points until the end of the level. It starts with the protagonist at 18, and with every death there is no Game Over but it does age permanently. In this way, as soon as you die around the age of 80, death is definitive and you will have to start over.

In this way, an unspectacular performance in a level, where many years of life are lost can negatively affect the entire playthroughand it might be appropriate, but not mandatory, to start all over again in order not to run into too big obstacles to be smashed with fists.

Sifu in laptop

It was

The first colossal detachment that separates the experience Nintendo Switch from that with the other platforms is the frame rate. The game aims to have a fixed 30 frames per secondon paper.

However, already from the very first game it is clear that these they will never be stable as indicated. Not unacceptable in the first moments, indeed, in the first two levels the game also behaves well, as they are less crowded and chaotic, but from the third there are big problems.

The level in the Club is that where It was reveals its true action nature, with waves of enemies attacking continuously and coming from all directions. And here, too, the game shows its true colors. The frame rate it becomes a complete mess, alternating moments where nothing is understood due to “heavy” drops to others where the game stops completely for a few seconds.

NSwitch Sifu 02

An action game of this kind penalized in this way loses a lot of its appealand it even becomes tiring to play in these conditions or with these limits.

In the portable version it works even better than one might expect by the standards Nintendo Switchbut even there it is more than one condition at the limit of playabilityalmost an extreme compromise to play such a good title in its original version.

Technique and style

It was even in its best version it was not this masterpiece from a technical point of view, but it exploited a technical sector in simple and intelligent way to achieve its purpose.

In fact, Sifu does not have major problems from this point of viewthe graphics are well rendered both in the version with the Docks than in the portable one. The uploads are also strangely valid, much faster than expected. Another big problem that arises in the portable version is the strange and annoying noise issued by the console in test sessions.

Final comment