Shuhei Yoshida quenches the hype about the June 2022 State of Play. There will be no big announcements

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently unveiled the June 2nd State of Play, and although this is not a real PlayStation Showcase, the interest in the web has been more than decent. The former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, however, tried to calm the spirits, inviting the latter not to get too many expectations on the State of Play in question, especially regarding God of War Ragnarok.

In fact, there are not a few fans who hope in an announcement regarding God of War Ragnarok, which is strange when we consider that this is a presentation explicitly focused on third-party titles. Consequentially, Yoshida invites these people not to have too many expectations, so as not to get burned in case of disappointment.

“Read carefully: Our third party partners have great new announcements in storewrites Yoshida, alluding to the fact of not expecting titles offered by PlayStation Studios during the State of Play, except for the PlayStation VR2. Of the latter, we recall, Over 20 games are scheduled including Horizon Call of the Mountains.


It must be said, however, that there is a large exclusive developed by a third-party team that could peep into the event. We refer, clearly, to Final Fantasy 16. The long-awaited and dark RPG is in fact developed by Square Enix exclusively – for now – PlayStation 5. The Square Enix title, however, is currently without a release date.

The game is also in the final stages of developmentgame producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed. In short, the times to reveal the release date are now ripe, notwithstanding Jason Schreier is dubious about a publication for this year.

Like Final Fantasy 16, Forspoken could also show up again during the conference. There is also fear of the latter being postponedand everything will depend on this much talked about Final Fantasy 16. Like Final Fantasy 16, another expected candidate is the remake Star Wars Knight of the Old Republicdeveloped by Aspyr Media.

Source: Twitter