servers are down, again

In August 2022, the game servers of From Software published by Ban-Dai / Namco, Dark Souls 3, they were back in life after months and months of down. Unfortunately, the scenario of the past few months is repeating itself once again.

Through the game’s official account, we know that the company is aware that the servers are down and that the own players are unable to play in pairs or clash with each other. It remains to be understood why, in fact, a period for the possible solution of the problem was not communicated, much less the cause of the problem itself.

“Right now, there is a confirmed problem with DARK SOULS III online play via the Steam platform. We are investigating the source of the problem and will inform you as soon as more details are available ”.

The company’s words cast serious shadows on the immediate future of the game, as everything seems to relate to the events Dark Souls: Remastered and Dark Souls 2 whose servers, after several problems, were never restored and in fact it is not yet possible to play online. With the return of the third chapter in August, players were hoping for a revival of the previous two chapters but unfortunately it did not. We await confirmation from Ban-Dai Namco.