SEGA is preparing to announce its next project

Warning: apparently SAW he’s preparing to reveal something big. The Japanese publisher has in fact organized a live broadcast for the next one June 3 at 13:00, during which he will present his next project. The livestream, which can be followed on YouTubewill see Misuzu Araki in the role of presenter, while the Executive Manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki and the Creative Director Yosuke Okunari will tell us about the game in question. SEGA did not disclose details on the project, releasing only a brief statement: “Although you may see familiar faces among the presenters, look forward to this announcement.”

What will it be, then? The veil of secrecy makes it difficult to think about Sonic Frontierswhich has already shown up a few months agorather, aiming in the direction of a completely new project. Perhaps the time has finally come to find out more about the elusive Super Game that SEGA has been talking about for some time now? We’ll see.

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