Season 4 trailer confirms release date

“DanMachi – Is it wrong to try to meet girls in a dungeon?” is one of the many franchises returning to our TVs this summer, DanMachi fans have finally been able to enjoy a trailer that confirms the release date of season 4.

The previous season of the work of JCStaff had seen its season finale in fall 2020, about 2 years ago, and even then it was confirmed that work was planned for a fourth season that would arrive soon.

Now, after a long wait, finally the adventures of Bell Cranel and the whole Estia family will continue this summerwith a whole new story arc.

It has been confirmed that the fourth season of the animewhich also carries the subtitle of “New Arc: Labyrinth”, will premiere on June 22, 2022 in Japan.

The new opening theme (Tento) will be by sajou no hana, while the closing theme of the anime (Guide) will be by Saori Hayami.

The video released on the official Warner Bros. Japan YouTube channel briefly retraces some events of the previous series, and anticipates what will be expected in the fourth.

In case you want to catch up on previous seasons, it’s time to do it to better approach this fourth season of “DanMachi – Is it wrong to try to meet girls in a dungeon?”.

The description of the series may help you understand the genre it is about:

In Timetable, adventurers gather in search of fame and fortune in an underground labyrinth called the Dungeon.

Bell Cranel, however, a novice adventurer, has much higher plans that are not at all about fame and wealth, he fights monsters with the hope of meeting a girl.

Unfortunately, when this happens, nothing goes exactly as the boy hoped.

Thus begins the story of an absurd couple of a boy and a Goddess, who try to prove themselves eager to achieve their goals.

No doubt about it, this DanMachi season 4 trailer seems to be a very good reason, and I repeat it, to recover the entire work if you have not already done so.