Season 3 will end with the Collision event, here is the date and time

The official Fortnite Twitter account has unveiled the date of the Collision event, moment in which Season 3 of the battle royale will be concluded. Epic Games has also posted all the details to participate.

Fortnite’s software house and publisher he unveiled that Collision will be the moment with which Season 3 of the game ends. In fact, all players are invited to launch the game and throw themselves into the crowd. Because the defenders of the island will have to commit themselves and “deploy all available forces”. The event will start at 10pm, Italian time, of 4 June 2022 but the Collision Playlist will be available as early as 9.30pm, so that everyone can have time to prepare and participate in the grand finale.

Anyone who logs into Fortnite will also receive a special loading screen and a brand new lobby song. In the days leading up to the big event, the in-game Store will also give access to gods costumes on trial for the Mecha Weapons Squadalong with some first glimpses of bonuses coming next month for those with active Fortnite Crew membership.

The developers also pointed out that the event is also available for those who want to stream play with Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOWso you can also play the event on mobile devices.

Very little is missing for the arrival of the “Collision” in Fortnite, it’s time to gather friends and go on an adventure to enjoy the finale of the Battle Royale Season, so that the game can prepare for the new season that will change again things and will certainly propose new interesting crossovers.

Before June 4th 2022, remember to complete all quests to get the benefits of Season 3. An example would be Prowler’s Special Quests, collect all Omni Chips (we also have a guide to help you). You just have to start the game and have fun with friends or alone.