Sea of ​​Thieves, revealed the arrival date of the eighth season

Fans won’t have to wait long before Season 7 arrives.

The seventh season of Sea of ​​Thieves it only arrived in August and already Rare prepare your community for the launch of the octave! A few months ago with the update came important news for the title, such as a new progression system for ships. Last season’s theme was to become real captains with your own ship and now the development house has finally revealed the date on which it will be possible to access the new content!

The wait is about to end, through the social networks dedicated to Sea of ​​Thieves the official date for the eighth season has been communicated.

The eighth season of Sea of ​​Thieves will arrive on November 22. In the meantime, on the 18th it will be possible to follow a live broadcast where some decisions will be revealed that will affect the continuation of the adventure Return of the Damnedthe live will be held on Twitch starting from 20:00 Italian time.

In addition to adding new content, the update dedicated to the eighth season will also correct some errors present, further improving the experience.

Selfa of Thieves is certainly the most successful title of Rare: since its launch in 2018, the development house has made the video game grow more and more by periodically promising the arrival of new content and as we can see, the studio is maintaining what was previously stated. In fact, just three months later, gamers will be able to try their hand at new adventures.

With the seventh season there was no shortage of new quests now we have to wait a little over a week to find out what he has in store Rare for the near future of Sea of ​​Thieves. Also this time there will be surprises, new missions and rewards for all gamers. During the live, many news will be anticipated that after a few days gamers will be able to discover by exploring the new contents of the eighth season.

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