Scorn will not be delayed on Xbox, the development team confirms

The answer reassures tense fans about the current climate

Postponement is a far from new problem in the gaming industry, what if Scorn has come under the attention of fans worried that the launch date may slip is only because of the particularly intense moment, which has seen the recent postponements of Starfield And Redfalltwo important first party projects for platforms Microsoftto the next 2023. This has aroused generalized fears in many users Xboxwho immediately looked with fear at the other projects which, at least for the moment, are expected to launch by the end of the current year.

Scorn is safe, the launch date is currently confirmed, according to the statement from the development team:

“We are still on the right track to launch Scorn in October”a spokesperson for the study said. This was enough for many users, who therefore turned their attention to other studies, such as for example Atomic Heart. The only thing I feel like assuming is: let’s all calm down. Sometimes bad things can happen, like a postponement. Sometimes bad things are in company, and in postponements maybe two, or three. As far as we know, we could go as high as five, however it is illogical to panic for no reason – as they say it is useless to bandage your head before breaking it.

Scorn is an expected game with mixed expectations. In fact, if on the one hand there are those who wait anxiously, fascinated by the hellish and grotesque world in which it is set, haunted by alien creatures and structures inspired by the works of the master HR Gigerhistorical creator of the original xenomorph model of the film series Alien. However, there are those who are doubtful in light of the little that has been shown to date, and many complain that the little shown has appeared flat in many places.

“De gustobus non disputandum est”as the famous Latin saying goes, so it is useless to get lost in gossip, especially on opinions based on little material seen and not played: it would be like buying an unknown car just because you have seen it on video, without even getting behind the wheel to see if stay right or left.

Scorn therefore it seems on track for the launch in October, which will take place from day one also on Xbox Game Passthe hugely popular home pass Microsoft. What do you think about it? Does the game inspire you or does it leave you doubtful? Tell us in the space dedicated to comments below, and let’s discuss it together!