Scorn, released a new 8-minute gameplay video

Terror takes over in the new gameplay video.

The development team Ebb Software and the publisher Kepler Interactive just in these minutes have released 8 minutes of new gameplay of Scornthereby allowing fans to get a rather in-depth look at the new horror game which, according to the team itself, “will leave players with auditory nightmares for years to come.”

Scorn has received a new gameplay video

Before delving into today’s news, we remind you that the game will land on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store and GoG) and Xbox Series X | S (since launch day also on Xbox Game Pass) during the day of the 21 October 2022.

And in this video, fans can take a look at an introductory sequence of Scorn, so as to know the character they will have to control in the title through the bio-labyrinth. Without assistance, players will make their way into the bowels of the game world, equipping themselves with strange tools and solving a grotesque puzzle that alludes only to things to come …

The exploration of this new horror project therefore catapults users into a surreal and nightmare world, called to survive trying to quickly learn the rules that distinguish this game world, consequently mastering its puzzles without any guidance or support, being left to yourself in a totally engaging experience.

To survive it will be necessary to unlock these secrets and collect the strange biomechanical tools that seem to have been used by the civilization that previously called this world home, all while trying to understand more about this world.

Finally, we remind you that Scorn is now available for pre-order at $ 39.99 (standard edition) and $ 49.99 (deluxe edition).