Scavengers will close its doors in a month

About a year and a half after the launch in Early Access, Scavengers is about to close its doors due to the low number of active players. The servers of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter will be active until next December 16th.

In recent months we have seen a collapse of the playerbase, and as we have tried to explore various options to invigorate the population on the servers, it has become increasingly clear that the development of the game and the maintenance of the service are unsustainable.”Reads the press release disseminated through the official website. “We are proud of what we have accomplished and want to thank every player who has spent time on our servers.

Initially developed by Midwinter, I recently studied acquired by Behavior Interactivelast May Scavengers had passed into the hands of a small team inside the publisher Improbable.

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