Scavengers, the free-to-play servers will close on December 16th

There are too many efforts to maintain the game and too few users

The graveyard of free-to-plays that didn’t make it is about to welcome too Scavengers. With an obviously resigned press release appeared on the official website, the developer Unlikely announced its painful decision to permanently shut down the game’s servers. We are talking about a title launched for PC in April 2021 and which was still in early access, but which had not received updates since March 2022 and which recorded a very small audience of active players.

Scavengers servers shut down December 16th

From the very beginning of developmentit reads on the site, We wanted to create a unique, team-based, strategic online shooter experience built together with our community. Your passion, dedication and support of Scavengers has been extraordinary. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

A journey that runs out, precisely, because the developers cannot pretend to notice the poor performance of their work. Even if the game is still in early access, a condition that would have allowed the team to intervene with improvements to attract new audiences and satisfy the existing one, the efforts required not to pull the plug seemed unsustainable compared to the difficult decision to close everything. In any case, the developers say they are proud of their work and grateful to all those who have supported it in recent months.

The day chosen for the servers to close is December 16th. In this month that separates us from the fateful moment, Improbable’s invitation is to reach out Cascade Springs to say a last goodbye to this virtual universe. We hope you’ll join us in the snow to give Scavengers the farewell it deserveslet’s read. Finally we want to say thanks to the development team, our collaborators and all those who have supported us along the way.

The farewell message concludes with an invitation to follow Improbable’s next projects, which seem to point towards the creation of a metaverse. Whatever it is, the wish is that things can be more successful than that of the unfortunate Scavengers.

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