Scalebound, Microsoft and PlatinumGames ready to resume development?

Scalebound was canceled in 2017 and now, five years later, we are back to talking about the possible development of the game thanks to a rumor reported by an insider.

As reported by the insider Shpeshal Nick, Microsoft And Platinum Games they would actually be discussing a possible revival of Scale bound. For the moment, however, it is not yet clear whether the development will start from scratch or pick up where it left off.

Since the announcement of the title, which took place in 2017, the game director Hideki Kamiya Lor described as a totally new experience for the team, calling it as a major challenge as it is different from previous works of Platinum Games. At the beginning of last year instead Atsushi Inaba, President of Platinum Games, he’s got to get back to talking about Scalebound, stating that the game director is still thinking about the possible development of the video game.

Inaba explained that kamiya he couldn’t wait to get back to work on Scalebound and therefore, precisely for this reason, he did not hide a possible future chat with Microsoft to resume talking about the now canceled project.

If on the one hand the words of kamiya And Inaba they initially reassured the fans a little, on the other in September Phil Spencer commented on the possible return of Scalebound, simply stating that there was nothing more to say about it.

In light of the statements of the members of PlatinumGames dating back to February 2022 and the recent rumor spread by Shpeshal Nick, perhaps further news regarding the title could really arrive, despite Spencer’s statements.

For the moment it is good to remember that these are only indiscretions, the good intentions on the part of the game director have never been lacking, therefore after a long silence, probably the progress that has arrived in the videogame field over the course of these years could actually be a gear more to resume development.