Save 7,980 yen! EPOS announces limited set model of his H6 PRO & GSX300

EPOS is an award-winning gaming headset today, May 17, 2022.H6PROAnd popular with external sound cardsGSX300Announced that it will be sold on the official website as a set. Both colors are black, and it is said that you can save 7,980 yen at the list price compared to purchasing them separately.

Great value set model of H6PRO and GSX300

This limited edition model is designed for gamers who want to enhance their audio experience beyond the onboard capabilities of their PC. The H6PRO headset and external sound card GSX300, when combined with the EPOS Gaming Suite, deliver outstanding digital sound processing and allow 7.1 EPOS surround customization. This allows you to experience excellent performance across all areas of audio.

Two types of headsets are available: H6PRO Closed (closed type) and H6PRO Open (open type). This product is sold at EPOS official website for 26,800 yen (tax included), so it is said that you can get it 7,980 yen cheaper than purchasing H6PRO and GSX300 separately.

I was also worried about the actual selling price, so I checked it briefly on and found that it was 29,600 yen (tax included) for both. Approximately 3,000 yen is a cheap calculation. Furthermore, when I accessed the official website, “10% discountWas displayed.

It seems that you can get it by registering as a member

Gamers who have been targeting both devices may have this opportunity.

By the way, I personally like the open type, but there are many closed fans. Which one are you?


¥ 19,800 (As of 2022/05/17 16:40 | According to Amazon research)


¥ 9,800 (As of 2022/05/17 16:39 | According to Amazon research)

Source: Press release

Save 7,980 yen! EPOS announces limited set model of H6 PRO and GSX300
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Save 7,980 yen! EPOS announces limited set model of H6 PRO and GSX300