Santa Monica reveals accessibility features

Most video games now have accessibility features, and God of War Ragnarök will not be outdone. The developers of Santa Monic have shown which will be the most important features that will be implemented in the game and which they will meet the needs of all players.

Via the PlayStation Blog, Santa Monica-based Lead UX Designer Mila Pavlin showed what the accessibility elements that will come with God of War Ragnarök. One of the first changes concerns the user interface, so that everyone can read it clearly and simply. Also, you will be able to map commands, so that it will be easier for someone to make the most of the controller. According to Pavlin, God of War Ragnarök another 60 implementations for accessibility, in addition to the ones you already saw in the first God of War.

But what are they some of these additions?

  • Automatic sprint: I will be able to choose to hold the left stick forward to snap forward or to press it just once
  • Always present pattern: this is for those who suffer from motion sickness, who can activate a dot in the center of the screen in three different dimensions, so that they can focus on it and not suffer
  • Aiming style: the simple toggle for aiming, you can choose whether to press it once or hold it down
  • Parade style: like aiming, but only about defense
  • Customizable subtitles: whether it is the size or the color, you can modify the subtitles as you wish, so as to make them more readable
  • Direction indicator: sometimes sounds play an important role, for this reason it is possible to activate an indicator that makes you understand where a noise comes from, so that it is easier to understand puzzles or perceive the presence of an enemy

These are just some of the many features that will come, but already like this make the game more fun for those with disabilities. Because games are for everyone, and developers are understanding this more and more every time.