Samurai Shodown will update with netcode rollback

SNK has announced that the much-demanded rollback netcode will be introduced in Samurai Shodown with one of the next updates. However, before the appropriate patch is distributed, the company has arranged an open beta test to be held in January 2023 on PC via Steam.

The test will allow developers to collect data and player feedback, so as to make the necessary changes before the official update. It should also be noted that the beta will only be held on Steam, however the netcode rollback will then be made available on almost all platforms where Samurai Shodown is present. So let’s talk about theEpic Games Store to stay in the PC area, but also the consoles PlayStations and Xboxes. No updates on Nintendo Switch and Stadia, in the latter case why Google is about to pull the plug to the streaming platform.

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