Samsung opens the door to the Metaverse

Samsung Electronics Italy is the official Tech & Innovation partner for the Milan Games Week & CartoomicsWhat is it about?

We are talking about the most important, if not even the largest, Italian event dedicated to all-round Esports; everything will start from Friday 25 and will end on Sunday 27 November in Milan.

This is a particular edition, as Samsung is ready to give fans the opportunity to challenge each other in the metaverseso as to play in the “Samsung Smart Adventure” and try to win the coveted tickets for the exclusive event on Sunday 27.

Gaming takes an increasingly important turn in everyday life and Samsung knows this well and is committed to keeping up with the evolution of the immersive world, where technology is at the heart of everything.

With Samsung Smart Adventure, users will experience an adventure in the Samsung Metaverse, where it will be possible to access a series of timed games, also challenging the famous brand mascot. In the past there was talk of Samsung and Metaverse (link to the article here), and now it’s all, actually, reality.

But the news doesn’t stop here: players will also have to collect some coinsbut obviously it’s not all that easy: as the levels progress, it is also possible to lose the coins collected.

Samsung will be present at the fair at pavilion 20 (the one dedicated to Esports) at the Dive stand (E35 G36), where it will also be possible to meet some of the top players of the team.

Also at the stand, it will be possible to immerse yourself in the complex and fascinating world of design and creativity, fully exploring the world of Samsung.