Rust Update: New Soundtrack, Improved Lighting, and Visuals


The update contains almost no new content and is dedicated to technical improvements and bug fixes.

Rust’s most notable improvement will be new visual effects on some of the old monuments. Objects will receive new darkening effects, volume, and lighting correction. As a result, the interior should appear much darker and more atmospheric. You can admire the improvements at locations: a supermarket, a gas station, a bandit camp, and a launch pad. In the future, all other objects will also receive a visual style refresh.

Fans of fast movement should also notice fresh visual effects of vehicle bodies. In short, all models have become much more beautiful, the driver’s hands now have animation, and the movements are based on logic. The developers also worked on the crane at the landfill, simplifying its management and reducing the amount of fuel needed. Vehicles now decompose more slowly and candles provide more heat.