Russia launched a new social network “Grustnogram”


Russian developers have launched a new social network “Grustnogram” – a kind of replacement for Instagram (recognized by the court as an extremist organization, activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited). The main feature of the new network is that it automatically makes published images black and white. This, according to the authors, allows you to publish photos without worrying about filters.

We are very sad that many high-quality and popular services stop working in Russia for various reasons. And it’s even sadder from what rare slag they sometimes try to pass off as import substitution. We created “Sadnogram” to grieve about it together and support each other”.

— Alexander Tokarev, one of the founders of the project

He stated that the Sadnogram prototype was created in a week. So far, there is only a web version, but by the end of the week there will be a mobile application for Android, and then iOS. In total, four people are working on the project, two of them are freelance programmers.

The site has a “Search for sad compatriots”, you can write comments, and put broken hearts instead of likes.