“role of Kratos to anyone but Tom Holland”

After the official confirmation by Amazon about the making a small screen adaptation of God of War many started wondering who could play the main protagonist. If on the one hand there are those hoping for the involvement of important Hollywood names, on the other nice petitions have appeared to have well-known faces from local fairs appear in the TV series. While it’s relatively early to think who will have the honor of filling this role, many already know who shouldn’t even apply, the young Tom Holland.

It all started on Reddit where user happi_botmun1538 remarked on how the interpreter of the MCU’s Spider-Man is appearing in more and more projects related to Sony and PlayStation lately. We have only recently seen the young boy grappling with the film adaptation of Uncharted, a choice that split the public in two. Indeed, many Nathan Drake fans have complained that Holland has nothing to do with the intrepid adventurer of Naughty Dog.

For this, many agreed in hoping that the actor does not approach this project dedicated to the Ghost of Sparta. This also considered the age difference between the actor and the character. Although this thought is almost acceptable, the production would hardly entertain the idea of ​​contacting Holland. The actor himself would hardly accept such a role, also considering the great physical effort required.


Speaking instead of God of War Ragnarok, Sony Santa Monica has decided to end the year with a pleasant surprise. The developers of the last chapter of the Norse parenthesis of Kratos have in fact confirmed that the New Game Plus will be introduced in the first months of next year. The update is therefore expected for spring 2023 and will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This will allow all players to start a new game while keeping all previously acquired equipment, skills and experience points.

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Source: Reddit